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Ali is an outstanding agent on earth. Ali helped us buy our first house in San Jose in March 2021. We love our house and feel very lucky to earn it. Without Ali, we would not be able to have our buying offer accepted in a very hot seller market like this.

We had been searching for a house to buy for several months but did not have much luck until we met Ali. We knew her by a friend who just bought a house in San Jose with a very good price at that time, and he introduced Ali to us. We are really impressed by the way that Ali greeted us, she shared a lot of useful information about the current markets. Outstandingly, Ali only showed us the houses which are worth to buy, so we did not waste time on visiting less valuable ones. She put extra effort to help us win the deal. Ali is very supportive and communicative, she always made herself available to answer any of our question until we're assured. She diligently worked with the listing agents and loan officer to make sure things processed smoothly and help us move in on time.

We appreciate her experiences and knowledges on real estate markets, specially in the Bay Area. We did learn a lot from her.

Van P

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